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Muay Thai Foundations Program

Muay Thai Foundations Program in Toronto

Muay Thai Foundations Program

Planning to take up a new sport or want to get fit? Our Muay Thai Foundations program in Toronto is just the one for you! Starting at the beginning of anything is a difficult and challenging process. Our beginner’s program is designed to get the very best from our students in the shortest amount of time. 

Each class starts with 30 minutes of conditioning using a combination of body weight exercises, plyometrics and speed agility drills. This is followed by technical drills demonstrated by our instructor and done as a group. Finally we finish each class with partner pad work and/or drilling.


After 3 to 6 months of consistent training dedicated students looking to progress through the level system will be invited to attend the yellow shorts test. Upon completion students are encouraged to participate regularly in the all levels class to refine their technique and achieve the next level. Blue Shorts!


One of the oldest combat sports, Muay Thai is an intense striking art from Thailand. It is often called the “art of eight limbs” since the sport uses your whole body as a weapon. Even though the martial art was first used during war hundreds of years ago, you can learn Muay Thai in Toronto to achieve your fitness goals, learn self-defence, and build muscle strength. 


Montrait Muay Thai is a great place to learn the basics of Muay Thai. We are a community of instructors and students who support each other’s growth and encourage you to break free from your comfort zone. 

Are you ready for a 90 minutes long session of cardio workout and strength training? We host four Muay Thai Foundations program classes every week. So, join us for a trial session and discover the art of Muay Thai!