Kids Muay Thai Program

Kids Program

Developing children require structured challenges, regular exercise, and guidance… Our kids’ martial arts programs offer these 3 benefits and much more.

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Montrait Muay Thai Kids Program

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The Little Details

Class Ages

Intended for children aged 6-14

Class Times

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00pm, and Saturday at 10:30am

Class Duration

Each class is 1-hour long.

What to Expect in a Class

Provide a fun, engaging, and- most importantly- challenging environment for kids to channel their energy and learn to work as a team. During class, children learn timing and cadence. Exercises and Muay Thai movements are performed together as a group. As children progress and gain confidence, they are encouraged to lead class through counting out repetitions.


Classes are fast-paced and engaging. This helps children to stay focused and on task, an important asset for a child. This skill crosses over from the gym to everyday life and school.


During our Muay Thai class, children will also work in pairs for martial arts drills and/or pad work. Performing tasks together practices mutual cooperation, fosters bonds, and forges friendships with the other children in the program.

Martial arts is about more than just “exercises”. About 1 in 3 children will experience bullying at some point in their life. This can seriously affect a child's development if not dealt with quickly and effectively. During classes, students are regularly taught to recognise what constitutes bullying, to counter bullying using verbal boundary-setting, and to use de-escalation tactics.

Book Your 30-Day No Risk Free Trial Today!