How To Find A Muay Thai Personal Trainer in Toronto?

How To Find A Muay Thai Personal Trainer in Toronto?

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How To Find A Muay Thai Personal Trainer in Toronto?

If you’re in Toronto and itching to learn the art of Muay Thai, finding the right personal trainer is all that matters. So, who makes a good muay thai trainer? They are someone who only teaches muay thai, has fought or actively fights, and has complete knowledge of Muay Thai rituals. They should also offer support with nutrition planning and help you stay on track with your goals.

6 things to look for when finding a muay thai personal trainer in Toronto:

1. Start with Some Research

Start with a simple online search for “Muay Thai gyms in Toronto” or “Muay Thai gyms near me”. Websites like Yelp and Google Reviews give you an overview – their offerings, photos of the gym and equipment, and reviews. You can learn a lot about their reputation, trainer profiles, and client feedback. 

2. Check the Trainer’s Credentials

When you’ve identified potential gyms, dig deeper into the trainers’ backgrounds. Look for their certifications and achievements in Muay Thai. Many trainers have profiles that detail their competition history, years of experience, and training philosophy. Train under someone who has competed at a high level or who has a solid coaching track record if you’d like to professionally fight one day. 

3. Visit Gyms and Meet Trainers

Visit a few gyms to get a feel for the environment. Observe classes, note how trainers interact with their students, and the overall vibe of the place. We would also recommend taking a couple of classes at 2-3 gyms before making the final choice. At Montrait Muay Thai, we waive trial class fees if you sign up for a minimum 6-month membership with us. ask questions about their experience, training methods, and how they plan to create a strategy for you.

As a Muay Thai student, you might also want to be part of the Muay Thai community in Toronto. It is the best way to make new friends and support each other’s goals. 

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4. Check If You Get Along 

During your trial sessions, check if you like the trainer’s approach and if it matches your learning needs. Do they provide clear instructions and constructive feedback? Are they patient and supportive? A trainer who makes you feel comfortable yet pushes you to be better.

5. Get Feedback from Current and Former Students

These students can share their personal experiences, which can help you understand the trainer’s strengths and weaknesses. Be candid about yourself but ask questions about the trainer’s punctuality, flexibility in scheduling, and responsiveness to individual needs.

6. Consider the Logistics

Toronto gets very cold in winter, so you might want to look for a gym nearby. Stay within a two kilometre radius, so you can reach using public training within minutes. Also, look at the availability of class times and the cost of personal training sessions. Ask about their package deals or monthly rates for personal training sessions. 

If you’re looking for Muay Thai personal training in Little Portugal, give us a visit at Montrait Muay Thai. Let’s talk more about your Muay Thai goals.