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9 Essential Tips For Muay Thai Newbies in Toronto

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9 Essential Tips For Muay Thai Newbies in Toronto

Starting Muay Thai in Toronto this summer? As a newbie, we know you’re super excited and can’t wait to learn a new and exciting sport. It can also be frustrating because you’ll make a lot of mistakes. As a Muay Thai trainer in Toronto, we can tell you, it’s only a phase and the more you practice, the better you’ll get. With that being said, you can use certain tips and tricks to learn Muay Thai faster.

Here are 9 essential tips for Muay Thai newbies in Toronto:

1. Run to build endurance

Running helps improve endurance and stamina, which will directly improve your performance. When you run or jog, your heart beats faster, pumping blood faster throughout your body, and pushing your lungs to increase their oxygen volume. It’s also summer now in Toronto, so enjoy the bright weather and outdoors. 

2. Take private sessions in the beginning

Get ahead quickly by taking a few private sessions. You can work with an experienced personal trainer at Montrait Muay Thai to learn the basic techniques, ask questions, and understand Muay Thai at your own pace. Give us a call or visit us at the gym and we can talk more. 

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you are a shy person, leave your shyness at home! If your Muay Thai trainer teaches something and you don’t understand, ask questions. Everyone is here to learn and in that process, you’d help someone else who has social anxiety.  

4. Focus on learning the basics

You aren’t going to learn the right techniques or force in the first few classes, so only focus on the basics. Start slow and understand the process because you don’t want to injure any muscles by doing the technique wrong or with too much force. Trainers at our gym in Downtown Toronto will always go at your pace. 

5. Always keep your hands wrapped 

Hand wraps are self-defense tactics and everyone from newbies to pros have to wear them. They will protect you from wrist injuries and sprains. For added protection, you can also wear gloves on top of the wraps. 

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6. Master the techniques

Techniques are always more important than power or force. The initial training can get overwhelming, so take things slow. Once you get the techniques right, you can speed up your movements gradually. 

7. Push yourself

Out of breath? Drink a sip of water and get back on the mat! Muay Thai is a very intense sport and most times you’ll feel like giving up. Don’t let fatigue stop you. If you’re given a drilling padwork set, don’t stop until the trainer tells you to! 

8. Learn how to defend yourself and then learn sparring

When you learn to protect yourself, you’ll survive. Get used to the strikes. Don’t be afraid of getting hit because it’s afterall a combat sport. The first few defense mechanisms that you should master are blocking, checking, and slipping. 

9. Know and acknowledge your limits 

Remember you’re only starting out and will eventually build on your strength and endurance. Adequate periods of rest, proper nutrition, and a good night’s sleep are all very important. Recovery is crucial, so you can get back and train even harder. 

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