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Here’s How Muay Thai will Help You Lose Fat

Are you trying to lose weight? It can be a struggle but you want nothing more than losing those extra pounds. When it comes to weight loss, you should first understand how it happens. The number of calories you consume should be less than your daily expendable calories. 

However, it’s not always possible to cut down calories. While a healthy and well-maintained diet is crucial for weight loss, pairing it with an intense yet engaging workout will help you reach your goal quickly. 

Here are 5 ways Muay Thai can help you lose fat:

1. Full body conditioning and workout 

At Montrait Muay Thai in Toronto, our classes are a blend of strength and conditioning, cardiovascular endurance training, and Muay Thai self-defense techniques. It is the ultimate full body workout and engages your fists and elbows, knees and kicks. That’s why it’s called the “Art of Eight Limbs”. 

A one-hour session at our gym burns 600-1000 calories. We incorporate a lot of strength and conditioning elements while focusing on Muay Thai’s traditional techniques.

2. Builds core strength and lean muscles

Muay Thai is a very intense martial art and requires you to have a strong core. When you join us, you’ll notice a lot of workout routines are made for core strengthening. On the other hand, exercises like running, jumping rope, kickboxing, and shadowboxing builds small but strong muscles throughout our body. 

Muay Thai class in toronto, downtown toronto Muay Thai near me, montrait Muay Thai

3. Helps you commit to a routine 

A traditional gym workout is repetitive and easy to procrastinate. Gyms are open throughout the day, so you go anytime you want. That doesn’t help you build a routine, which is good to stay focused and productive. 

When you train with us at our Muay Thai gym, you’ll notice a change in yourself. We conducted limited classes throughout the week, which makes them special. Also, as mentioned earlier, Muay Thai is a high fat burning workout and can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. You don’t need to workout every day. Start training twice a week and bring it up to 3-4 times and you’ll see dramatic results. 

4. Boosts stamina 

Majority of Muay Thai workouts are aerobic, which are exercises that need oxygen. Some common examples include running, skipping, or cardio. As your body starts accepting the workout, you’ll notice increased energy levels, less tiredness, and lower mental fatigue. It’ll also improve your lung’s oxygen capacity. 

5. Become part of the Muay Thai community

We always say that Montrait Muay Thai is not just a gym, it is a community of people. We’re all about motivating each other to be their best selves and are a safe space for you to achieve your fitness goals. Also, there’s always great music blasting through the gym, which is a bonus! 

Book your first class here for only $15 today! If you have any questions, feel free to email us