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6 Reasons Why Muay Thai Is The Perfect Martial Art

Muay Thai is a popular form of martial art that involves your knees, elbows, and all core muscles. In addition to teaching you basic self-defence, Muay Thai builds muscle strength and boosts self-esteem. In this blog, we will discuss why Muay Thai is practised worldwide and is considered the most popular martial art. 

1. Practical

Muay Thai dates back to ancient times when it was used as one of the primary forms of self-defence techniques for real-world situations. Since then, the practice has been refined several times. This martial has been tested for practicality. It has proven to be the fastest, toughest, and best form of self-defence for people of all ages. 

2. Best for Beginners

Most martial art schools offer a training program in Muay Thai for kids. It’s a fairly simple skill to learn. Muay Thai is the best for beginners interested in learning the advanced forms of martial arts. In fact, the practice is so common in Thailand that most kids are enrolled in Muay Thai classes as early as 5 years.

3. Effective for Self-Defense

Muay Thai involves all core muscles and techniques that will come in handy when encountering a situation requiring self-defence. You are taught how to predict the opponent’s next moves and use them to your advantage. This martial art teaches attack and defence techniques, which improve your self-confidence and the ability to deal with tough situations. 

Muay Thai gym downtown toronto, mma gym near me, Muay Thai for beginners in Toronto, Muay Thai for kids

4. Base for MMA

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA gym in Toronto teach you the necessary skills to participate in boxing competitions and other championship programs where your physical strength and fighting skills are tested. MMA athletes need a solid base to give tough competition to their opponents on the wrestling grounds. And Muay Thai is just that. The clinch-knee fighting with elbows is considered the most practical fighting style for all types of wrestling championships.

5. Burn Calories

Muay Thai training does much more to your body than build physical strength. It can be the physical exercise your body needs to shed those extra pounds. Muay Thai for kids and adults is a regular practice that requires at least 2 hours of training daily until you learn it. In fact, it’s more effective than cardio and running exercises. 

Any form of martial art can help burn calories when it’s coupled with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t believe it, take a look at all the professional Muay Thai fighters and athletes.

6. Good for Mental Health

Muay Thai practice requires dedication and hours of hard work. It might leave you with a sore body, but consistency will help you get better at it. Adding Muay Thai to your regular physical exercise routine will make it easier to practise the moves. This will boost your confidence and improve your mental health. The growing popularity of martial arts has empowered young adults to join MMA gym in Toronto and learn the basics of Muay Thai and other martial arts. Learn Muay Thai to build your muscles and improve your self-defence skills.