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Reasons Why Muay Thai Is The Ultimate Stress Buster

Muay Thai, the martial art of eight limbs, is a physically intense exercise. When training for muay thai, you learn to use your hands, elbows, knees, and chin as offensive weapons. You’ll be sweating in no time! But did you know that it is an excellent stress buster too? It makes you more confident, self-aware, and happy. 


If you’re looking for a sport that helps you both physically and mentally, join us at Montrait Muay Thai in Downtown Toronto! 

Here are top 5 reasons why Muay Thai is the ultimate stress buster: 

1. Best of all destructive therapy 

If you’ve watched videos of people destroying plates, mugs, and electronics and want to do it, muay thai’s exactly what you need. Whether it’s pent-up anger, stress, or sadness, martial arts has proven to be an effective therapy. All these trigger your body’s fight or flight response. Muay Thai offers an outlet to all these negative emotions and also promotes oxytocin and serotonin production, your natural feel good hormone. 

2. Helps you sleep better

Most of us spend the majority of our days working behind a screen. By the time you finish work your mind is tired but your body is still energised. Muay Thai workouts offer a good balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. It’ll drain all excessive energy stored in your body. When your body’s tired and you’re relaxed mentally, you’ll sleep throughout the night. 

3. Easier to socialise and make friends

Ever tried making a friend only to realise you’ve got nothing in common? At Montrait Muay Thai, we’re a tight-knit family. You’ll make friends in your very first class! Muay Thai helps you break the barrier because you get to interact with people you’ve got something in common with. 

Many of our workouts and techniques are practised with partners, which gives you another chance to foster a strong friendship. 

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4. Reduces muscle tension 

With stress comes muscle tension, eventually leading to a lower quality of life. You’ll find yourself feeling restricted all the time. It can also cause muscle cramps or soreness in the long run. At Montrait Muay Thai in downtown Toronto, our workouts are separated into three parts, the first one being warm-up. It’ll not only relax your muscles but also increase blood oxygen and nutrient flow throughout the body. 

5. Builds psychological resistance

Respect, perseverance, and patience are three important pillars of Muay Thai. You have to stay calm while learning new techniques and workouts. Even during partner training, you’ll have to be patient and guide each other throughout the workout. This helps build psychological resistance by lowering temper and rash decisions. 

The best part about learning Muay Thai is that anyone can learn it! Whether you’ve been training for years or just starting out, you’ll have fun. And more importantly, build mental and physical strength. 

Join us at our gym for a trial class today! For more information, please send us an email