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How To Speed Up Recovery After Muay Thai Class?

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How To Speed Up Recovery After Muay Thai Class?

Recovery is one of the most overlooked parts of working out. When it comes to combat sports like Muay Thai, overtraining and lack of recovery can lead to fatigue, muscle damage, and irritability. Whether you’re a professional fighter or just starting out your Muay Thai journey in Toronto, here’s a guide on recovering after a Muay Thai class. 

Here are 6 ways you can speed up recovery after a Muay Thai class

1. Stretch and relax your muscles

Stretching is the fastest way to recover from an intense session as it increases blood flow to the muscles. Focus on breathing deep and slow and hold every stretch for 60 to 90 seconds. You can also use SMR techniques with a foam roller, tennis ball, or lacrosse ball to release knots in the muscles and improve blood flow. 

2. Take a cold shower or bath

Nothing better than an ice cold shower or bath. In winter months, even a cold swimming pool will work. For summers, fill up your bathtub with cold water and add a couple ice bags. Maintain the temperature at 10-12 degree Celsius. Sit in the water for 6-12 minutes and you’ll feel your muscles relax. If you’re taking a shower, set at the coldest setting and shower for around 10 minutes. 

3. Engage in light intensity workouts

If you want to keep up the metabolism or don’t want to break the habit of working out, engage in light intensity workouts like yoga, brisk walking, swimming, or light cardio. Keeping a 7-day workout routine will keep you away from cheat meals, making it a great idea for those trying to lose weight. 

4. Focus on eating the right foods 

Eating the right nutrients will take your fitness journey across the finish line. If you’re training or fighting, include whole grains in every meal to replenish your glycogen reserves. Protein and healthy fats should still be a crucial part of your diet. Eat meals every 2-3 hours and include supplements like creatine, cod liver oil, magnesium, and protein powder. 

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5. Keep your body hydrated 

Water makes 75% of your muscles, so if you’re dehydrated they’ll take a very long time to recover and you’ll feel fatigued even after rest. When training for Muay Thai in Toronto, you sweat a lot, so replenishing your fluids and electrolytes is crucial. A simple trick is to add salt and water to a couple glasses of water and drink them throughout the day.

6. Get a full night’s sleep 

Muscles relax only during the REM phase of your sleep, which makes getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night extremely important. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, your muscles will remain sore and you’ll feel fatigued. It will also enhance your performance and give you a calm mindset while training. 

Working with experienced trainers adds to your recovery process. We at Montrait Muay Thai in Downtown Toronto alternate periods of intense workout and recovery, so our students are well-rested and ready to level up with confidence. Give us a call today or visit us at our location for a trial session.