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Why Martial Arts Is Better For Kids Than Team Sports? 

Muay Thai kids class downtown toronto at montrait Muay Thai hosted in a mma gym in little Portugal every Tuesday, Thursday, and saturday

Why Martial Arts Is Better For Kids Than Team Sports? 

When it comes to after-school activities for children, there are countless options to choose from. However, many parents tend to focus on team sports like basketball, soccer, or football as a way to keep their kids active and socialising with their peers. While team sports can certainly have their benefits, there’s another option that’s often overlooked: martial arts.

Martial arts in Toronto can provide children with a wide range of physical, mental, and social benefits that team sports may not be able to match, especially during the winters. From building confidence and self-discipline to improving focus and concentration, martial arts can help children develop important life skills that will serve them well into adulthood. 

Here are 9 reasons why martial arts is better for kids than team sports: 

1. Individual focus

Martial arts is an individual sport, meaning each student trains and competes on their own. This allows for individual focus and attention from the instructor, which can lead to better progress and skill development. In team sports, the focus is often on the team as a whole, and individual players may not receive the same level of attention.

2. Discipline and self-control

Discipline and self-control are two of the most important skills children should learn and a martial art like Muay Thai teaches just that. Through martial arts training, children learn to control their movements and emotions, as well as develop a strong work ethic. These skills can translate into other areas of their lives, such as academics and relationships.

3. Self-defence skills

Martial arts teaches children self-defence skills that can help them protect themselves if they get bullied at school. It is a common concern among parents. This can increase their confidence and sense of security, as well as give them the tools to handle potentially dangerous situations and also help others around them. 

Muay Thai kids class downtown toronto at montrait Muay Thai hosted in a mma gym in little Portugal every Tuesday, Thursday, and saturday

4. Non-competitive nature

While martial arts does involve competition, it is not as focused on winning and losing as team sports can be. The emphasis is on personal growth and improvement, rather than beating the competition. This can reduce the pressure and stress that can come with team sports.

5. Focus and concentration

Muay Thai requires focus and concentration, which can improve a child’s ability to concentrate in other areas of their life. By learning to focus on the task at hand, children can improve their academic performance and overall productivity.

6. Respect for others

Martial arts places a strong emphasis on respect for others, including instructors and fellow students. At our gym, Montrait Muay Thai, respect for trainers and fellow students is very important. It can help children develop empathy and compassion, as well as improve their relationships with others.

7. Reduced risk of injury

While all sports carry some risk of injury, martial arts tends to have a lower risk compared to contact team sports such as football or hockey. This can give parents peace of mind when it comes to their child’s safety. At our Muay Thai gym we emphasise on getting the basic techniques right and only then students are progressed into more difficult techniques. 

8. Inclusive nature

Martial arts is inclusive and accessible to children of all abilities and skill levels. It does not require a certain body type or level of athleticism, making it a great option for children who may not excel in team sports.

9. Lifelong skill

Martial arts is a lifelong skill that children can continue to develop and improve throughout their lives. Unlike team sports, which may not be feasible to continue into adulthood, martial arts can be practised well into old age.We have an amazing Muay Thai program for kids where we focus on helping kids improve focus and develop skills in a fun, engaging, and fast-paced environment. We conduct classes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and are currently offering First Month Free (new signups only). Send an email at peter@stg-montraitmuaythai-staging.kinsta.cloud to sign up for your first free month.