5 Reasons Every Woman Should Train In Self-Defence

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Train In Self-Defence

A woman training self-defence in a muay thai gym

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Train In Self-Defence

Women have fought for ages for equal rights and while that battle is still going on, there’s another one to the mix. In the hustle and bustle of city life, late-night commutes or solitary walks can sometimes lead to dangerous outcomes. Self-defence is not just an option; it’s a necessity. We hope this blog motivates you to act on your instinct and sign up for a self-defence class in your city today. 

1. Makes you agile 

Agility is about how quickly and effectively you can move your body in different directions. In a self-defence situation, how quickly you react makes a big difference. Imagine someone tries to grab you from behind, and you’re able to swiftly step aside and counterattack. At our Muay Thai gym in downtown Toronto, you’ll do more just learning how to throw a punch, we work on your agility. 

2. Reduces stress and anxiety 

Knowing that you know the skills and technique to take down anyone is itself a huge stress buster. It’s not just about the physical activity, which releases endorphins, but also about the confidence you gain. 

3. Protect those around you 

This isn’t about turning into a superhero overnight but about being able to assess situations more clearly and act decisively if needed. For example, you are at a club and you notice some girl’s been bothered by a stranger. Your training can help you defuse the situation safely.

4. Street Awareness

This means being more aware of your surroundings and being able to spot potential dangers before they escalate. Remember self-defence is about de-escalating a situation and not adding more fuel to it. You’ll be better able to understand body language, recognise suspicious behaviour, and know when to avoid particular areas. 

5. Set values for others around you 

Whether they let you know or not, you are offering confidence and belief to those around you, especially women. You become a role model, encouraging friends and family to consider their own safety and empowerment. Afterall, its benefits extend to emotional and mental well-being. 

Two women performing plank

Is one self-defence class enough? 

No, one class isn’t enough but you also don’t need to take any more than 4 or 5 classes. Self-defence classes are purely focused on showing you the techniques. You have to practise them on your own as part of your fitness routine or simple self-care. 

How to train in self-defence properly? 

Start small

Look for local self-defence workshops or classes designed specifically for women. Many gyms and community centres like ours in Downtown Toronto offer sessions that can introduce you to the basics.

Practice regularly

Like any skill, self-defence improves with practice. Make it a part of your routine, and you’ll notice your confidence and competence grow. 

Stay informed

Keep up with the latest self-defence techniques and tools. Knowledge is power, and staying informed is key to being prepared.If you’re looking for self-defence classes for women in Little Portugal, send us an email and we’ll send you some information. We are here to support your goals.